Facility Information

Land and Buliding(Unit:㎡)

Land Total floor space Building Information
Basement 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
9,737 7,402.79 1,873.29 1,754.57 1,322.87 1,445.96 1,006.10

Floor Arrangement Status

  • Basement arrangement
  • 1th floor arrangement
  • 2th floor arrangement
  • 3th floor arrangement
  • 4th floor arrangement
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Basement arrangement HaeChanSol
1th floor arrangement Sound and Light Theater Labrary Promotion Lobby information Culture World Site Song of Whales
2th floor arrangement Moon-juck-wonⅠ Moon-juck-wonⅡ
3th floor arrangement Ha-Neul-Jung-Won Open Learning SiteⅠ Open Learning SiteⅡ
4th floor arrangement Kee-lin-Cho Ba-We-sol Yeoul-Mohk Goo-Leum-Gook-Hwa Ja-Oon-Young
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