Facility Office Information

Representative 051-3306-300 
			FAX 051-3436-191 도서관장 051-3306-301 
			Guidance 051-3306-310 
			Central Observance 051-3306-390 General Affair Supervisor 051-3306-302 
			Information Volunteer Supervisor 051-3306-303 Information Volunteer Supervisor 051-3306-304 General Affair Division 051-3306-341~6 
			(Document Transport / Control and management / Official management and Security / Finance and Accounting, Expenditure / Personnel, Education / Recompense, Pension / Welfare of User and Employee. / Information on Library / Operation Committee /) 
			Information Volunteer Division 051-3306-351~7 (Selection of Information / Founding, Organizing / Information on Information / Selection Committee / Statistics and Examination of Books / Preservation of information / and Examination of Books / Report of Information and Management / Lending of Information and / Statistics on Usage. / Operation of Book Association / and Reading Instruction / Operation of Citizen Encyclopedia / and reading counseling) 
			Lifelong Study Division (051-3306-361~3 Planning of Lifelong Study Programs, Development and Operation./ Operation of Lifelong Study Village/ Information on Lifelong Study Guidance/ Office Operation and Support/ Information on Various Local Cultural/ Events and Cultural Activity Support./ Training for Employees of Lifelong / Study Institution(s)) Children's Hall 051-3306-311~3 FAX 0051-3342-363 Digital Multimedia Center 051-3306-315~3 Reading HalⅠ051-3306-321~3 Reading HalⅡ 051-3306-324,5
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